Body Armor

Direct replacement into existing rigid plate carriers—allowing for rapid field upgrade


MMI designs, manufactures, and assembles its hardBLOC brand of body armor plates to meet the DoD’s most serious advanced armor challenges, achieving X-SAPI threat protection at an E- SAPI weight. MMI is accomplished at defeating M-993 threats with proprietary ballistic insert configurations of 6.3 psf. MMI has also demonstrated that lower areal densities are possible. hardBLOC armor is a direct replacement for existing SAPI inserts

flexBLOCTM High Protection Plus High Mobility—MMI developed and built flexBLOC high-mobility body armor as an alternative to traditional heavy, bulky solid plate armor inserts that often limit personal maneuverability, and long-wear comfort. flexBLOC leverages the latest innovations in MMI’s super- strength ceramics, tough composite material compositions, and unique assembly techniques, to deliver remarkable performance features:

Flexibility and high mobility—greater comfort and longer wearabilty, with no compromise of ballistic protection at 7.1 psf

Low insert carry weight of 5.0 to 5.3 lbs—a 10% to 15% weight reduction compared to a medium sized rigid ballistic plate

Proven multi-hit effectiveness against .30 Cal APM2 threats—4 to 5 non-penetrating hits per insert at 40 mm of back face deformation | 0 to 45 of obliquity

Direct replacement into existing rigid plate carriers—allowing for rapid field upgrade

Configuration Alternatives—hardBLOC and flexBLOC armor products can be adapted to deliver superior protection for personnel transport vehicles and VTOL aircraft. flexBLOC can also be reconfigured for efficient up-armoring of interior seating and component liners. hardBLOC and flexBLOC are equally suited to homeland security operations that call for rapid responsiveness to secure urban situations where the nature of the ballistic threats are not fully evident.

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