Materials Modification Inc.

A pioneer in the field of nanomaterials and coatings technology

MMI is the ONLY American supplier of Pulsed Direct Current Sintering/Spark Plasma Sintering systems trademarked as P2C with dual ram technology

Since 1995 covered by 5 US patents we can build custom units to any pressure and any current/voltage requirement based on the customer need/requirement we have the broadest experience in sintering all ceramics, composites. Gradient materials, intermetallics, and refractory materials for almost 25 years

Innovative Solutions

We have developed unique technology that gives us the capability to engineer and tailor advanced materials and fabricate high performance parts for the next millennium. Many of these parts will replace conventional materials and significantly expand the capabilities of the next generation of products. Some of these materials will also facilitate miniaturization.

Our Products

Our objective is to dominate the market for advanced engineered materials with our equipment and license the technologies on a worldwide basis.

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Founded in 1986, and progressed into a dynamic product driven development company.


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