Stain and water repellent treatment for textiles and other surfaces.


Features and Benefits:

1. Easy to apply, low VOC one-part spray coating system
2. Works on Glass, Metal, Wood, Fabric, Concrete—YOU NAME IT
3. 100% Effective—Nix out Water, Heavy Duty Oil, Chemicals, Stains
4. Nix out Ice… Nix out Snow… Works even at -50°C (-58°F)
5. Spray it on and it is ready to use in 5 minutes or less
6. Lasts for 5 or more washings on fabric
7. NIX-IT blocks volcanic dust and chemical fumes
8. Use NIX-IT on cars, boats, planes, windmills, towers, power lines
9. Use NIX-IT on solar panels, antennas, windows, mirrors, clothing
10. Use NIX-IT everywhere—From the North Pole to the desert
11. NIX-IT is tough and effective from -50°C to 90°C (-58°F to 190°F)
12. SAFE—Meets CID A-A-3097, Type II, Class 2 (MIL-A-46050C)
13. Tested by the US Army Laboratory, and Defense Contractors

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