High energy radiation shielding product


Radioactive-Dispersal- Devices (RDD), or “dirty-bombs” use conventional explosives to distribute radioactive particles. Dirty bombs can be prepared from a wide range of radioactive materials. Specifi- cally Co-60 & Cs-137 are of major concern due to gamma ray emissions.

Features and Benefits:

Up to 18% weight reduction compared to current lead and tungsten based products
GaRAD uses totally lead-free and non-toxic radiation shielding materials
GaRad radiation suits and medical aprons are breathable for high wearability
GaRad radiation blankets can conform to radiation sources
6 mm standard blanket protection thickness
12 mm and 30 mm blanket thicknesses available
Standard blanket offers gamma (Cs-137) protection up to *200 mSv/hr

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