An oustanding halogen-free flame free retardant


FLARET is an outstanding halogen-free flame retardant(FR) that instantly delivers a durable FR treated textile fabric. FLARET,  gives  you  excellent  FR    safety,    at    a    reasonable  cost,    and    with    a    minimum    of    effort.    As  addedbonuses, FLARET   gives   fabrics    high    comfort    anti-static    and    anti-microbial  functionality.  You  can  use  FLARET  to  treat cotton, cotton  blends  or  synthetics. FLARET  is  designed  for  use  during OEM  broad  goods  production,  and  also  for  imparting the  same safety and comfort benefits to existing clothing.

FLARET  is  composed  entirely  of  non-toxic  chemicals;it  is safe and  non-irritating,  posing  no  long  term  exposure risks  to  the skin.

Features and Benefits:

Self-extinguishing with no melt, drip, or vaporization of fabric
FLARET is completely non-toxic and non-irritating
Produces an anti-static and anti-microbial finish
Works on cellulosic, nylon and poly blends
No loss in tensile strength of the FR treated fabric
Applied by the standard OEM padding-curing process
Treat existing garments with a simple machine washing

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