A Nonporous Fabric with High Breathability & Wind Shielding



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Comfortex is a high-performance polymer fabric that offers a unique combination of water vapor breathability, flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength.

  • Allows moisture (sweat) vapor to diffuse inside à outside of the garment, but repels liquid water (100% waterproof).
  • Protects from Chemical and Biological Agents
  • Unlike competing products, Comfort-Tex does not rely on perforations (pores) to make it breathable.
  • Perforated membranes (e.g. Gore-Tex®) can lose their water repellency if contaminated with other low surface tension liquids like alcohol or fuel.
  • Pores also reduce the strength of the fabric, making it easier to rip.
  • Pores can get clogged by dust and other pollutants, causing the membrane to lose its breathability.
  • Comfort-Tex is a high-performance fabric with waterproof, breathable, wind shielding, microbial protection fabric without the pores.


  • CBRN Gloves
  • Medical Garments
  • Non-sweating Gloves Warm Sleeping bags
  • Mountaineering, Biking suits
  • Food Packaging

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