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Plasma Pressure Compaction

P2C®is a patented and novel powder consolidation technique. This process is the result of several years of research in the area of powder consolidation, primarily in the area of submicron and nanomaterials.

Microwave Plasma

Nanogen® utilizes microwave energy to ionize gases and generate a plasma field. The resulting high temperature vaporizes the precursors which facilitates initiating and sustaining the chemical reactions at molecular levels in the presence of microwaves. This vapor is rapidly quenched, resulting in the formation of nano powders.


NIX-IT®, a long lasting spray-on coating delivers the ultimate in control over water, rain, ice, snow, oil, chemicals, stains and corrosion protection. NIX-IT® is water-based with a Near-Zero VOC coating that applies in seconds, and is ready for repelling liquids immediately after curing. It can be used on glass, metal, wood, concrete and fabric.

Flame Retardant

FLARET is an outstanding halogen-free flame retardant (FR) that instantly delivers a durable FR treated textile fabric. FLARET gives you excellent FR safety at a reasonable cost and with a minimum of effort. FLARET works, and yields significant safety and added value benefit

Radiation shielding

GaRAD™ fuses performance with safety to produce breathable materials that offer superior shielding against life-threatening X-ray and gamma radiation, compared to currently available products. GaRAD™ delivers versatile lifesaving protection from 100 mSv/h to 1,100 mSv/h to meet a broad range of radiation challenges. GaRAD’s™ radiation protection can be matched to the source intensity and distance for fast site preparation and maximum safety to remediation teams.

Multifunctional dressing

Pain and Infection are the two major complications associated with second degree burn injuries. Fensil™ is a single patch device that can be used to alleviate pain and prevent infection in burn injuries Fensil™ can provide controlled delivery of analgesic drugs to burn wounds while assisting in wound healing with its antimicrobial properties.

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